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With some of the loveliest streetscapes in downtown Syracuse, Cathedral Square has always been the city’s centerpiece and — as building usage changes — we are adapting our neighborhood to new uses. We are hoping to make Cathedral Square a vibrant, residential neighborhood with beautifully renovated historic buildings and many housing options. With this in mind, key neighborhood leaders and residents have formed the Cathedral Square Neighborhood Association to enhance and energize this amazing neighborhood where so much is going on already.

Imagine what more we can do to make the Cathedral Square neighborhood even more of a destination for the thousands of people already coming to the beautiful cathedrals and churches, YMCA, Civic Center, Everson Museum, and the Onondaga Historical Association just to name a few of the vibrant institutions in our neighborhood. Cathedral Square will feature fabulous apartments, professional offices, small retail stores, restaurants and perhaps a bakery operated by the culinary program at one of our local colleges and universities.

“Cathedral Square is living proof why, for centuries, the foremost gathering place in a community has been the city center, where the main cathedrals are located. Now, in community we can reclaim the heart of our city with its thriving cultural, civic, and spiritual center wrapped in beautiful architectural splendor!”

Gregg Tripoli, Executive Director, Onondaga Historical Association